My poems have appeared or are forthcoming in the following publications (in chronological order):

Nimrod, Spring 2014, “Name”
Quiddity, Spring 2014, “The Fate of Cities Lies in Their Geography,” “Grandmother Remembers the Revolution,” “Losing Language”
The Lyric, Fall 2013, “Sitting Quietly”

Terrain, August 2013: “For My Dog/God, I Write”
Colbalt Review, July 2013: “Baseball for Immigrants”
Plainsongs, Summer 2013: “The Lover Prepares to Meet the Beloved”
Literal Latte, Winter 2013: “Cohabitation”
Poet Lore, Fall 2012: “Election Day”
Cold Mountain Review, Spring 2012: “Earthquake 5.8”
Flyway, Spring 2012: “Jetlag”
Willow Review, Spring 2012: “Burn”, “Frida Kahlo: Tree of Hope”, “Our Vulnerability”
Quiddity, Spring/Summer 2012: “Serpent,”“Mosquito”
Visions International, March 2012: “Marriage”, “Summer 2003”
The MacGuffin, Winter 2012: “Egg”, “Allergy”
PANK, October 2011: “Vegetarian”, “The Departure”, “Calligraphy Lesson”
Lantern Review, Summer 2011: “Shanghai, Late September”
Permafrost, Spring 2011: “Cathedral Morning”
Lines + Stars, 2010: “Jellyfish”
Cream City Review, Fall 2009: “Adam”, “Eve”
Adirondack Review, Fall 2008: “Signposts of Rapture”“The Boy Who Grew up in a Cellar”
Runes, Verse Daily, 2008: “Instinct”
Watts, Julia, ed. Women. Period. Spinsters Ink, 2008: “Menstruation in the Time of Global Warming”, “Moist Adagio”
Whistling Shade, 2006: “Rain in My Childhood”
Sacred Journey, Spring 2006: “Sometimes My Heart Stops”
The Rose and Thorn, Fall 2005:“Dutch Still Life Paintings”
Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Spring 2005: “The Mooncatcher”
French Creek, Spring 2005: “Cicadas”, “Ode to Carbon”, “Ode to Oxygen”

My essays have appeared in the following publications:

Sustainability: The Journal of Record, September/October 2013: “Beyond Sustainability: Communicating a New Environmental Movement”
Mother Nature Network, March 21, 2013: “What’s in a Home? Our Housing Choices and the Environment”