The Children on Why They Are Striking on Climate

Because our house is on fire and no one is panicking.  

Because when the glaciers collapse so do our dreams. 

Because we learned the alphabet saying the names of animals: 

A is for alligator, B is for bee. 

Because there is no planet B. 

Because the frogs are silent in the marsh. 

Because butterflies have fallen like so many petals. 

Because the streams are empty of salmon and bears devour the stars with their eyes. 

Because there is more plastic than fish in the ocean. 

Because they will be gone before we’ve learned their names. 

Because we love frosty mornings and snow on the tongue. 

Because we learned sweetness from apples, and richness from honey.

Because we can’t drink oil and we can’t eat money.

Because it shouldn’t hurt to breathe. 

Because there are 7.6 billion of us, and counting.

Because we remember our mothers singing the songs of the Earth, 

Because storms are brewing in the teacup of the Atlantic.

Because we are on Easter Island and down to our last tree.

Because we have no defense except to leave.

Because we were made for the Earth, though she was not made for us.

Because if we could send a man to the moon. 

Because we stopped the ozone hole from growing.

Because the sun shines and the wind blows. 

Because this is the only blue marble for light years around. 

Because everything we stand on is holy ground. 

Because Jesus would. 

Because what animal fouls its own nest?

Because have you seen a bird lately?

Because we are not drowning, we are fighting. 

Because how dare you.  

Because Exxon knew. 

Because you all knew. 

Because if you fail us,

we will never forgive you. 

Because now is better than never. 

Because you want to look us in the eye when we ask you  

Did you do everything you could? 

Did you give a damn?