You have important ideas to share, how you put them into words makes all the difference in the impact that you can have with them. I can help you make your writing memorable and clear so that it reaches the largest audience possible. Whether you are working on an academic publication, a PhD dissertation, or a blog article, I’ll be your editor, proofreader, and writing coach so that you can take the stress out of writing and get excited about getting your ideas into the world. I offer:

  • Developmental and substantive editing: help with content development and overall structure and style.
  • Copy editing and proofreading: Line by line editing to improve flow and clarity, and correcting grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Research and fact checking: Finding the information you need, filling gaps in your research, and checking your sources.
  • Bibliography and formatting: Formatting your piece to be consistent with the desired style and preparing it for publication.

I have helped countless clients with their writing projects, partnering with them to take their work to the next level. They include:

In addition to books and articles, I have helped private clients with college admission essays, personal essays, poetry manuscripts, resumes and cover letters, dating profiles, and more.

Here are what my clients have said about me:

“We couldn’t have asked for a better editor and research partner than Clara for the Green to Gold Playbook. Her thoughts and ideas helped to shape every chapter. From chasing down important materials to drafting sections of the book, she played a critical role in pulling the final manuscript together. Clara is on her way to being a leading light in the field of sustainability, and we are deeply appreciative of all she did as a key part of our research team.” –Daniel and Esty and PJ Simmons, authors of The Green to Gold Playbook. 

“Clara is a highly professional editor. She improved the language use in my manuscript in a short time, and the paper was then successfully published in my desired journal. She also has in-depth knowledge on environmental issues, I recommend her to any writer in environmental studies or related fields.” –John Chung-En Liu, Assistant Professor at Occidental College.

“She turns everything she touches into gold.” –Patricia Webbink, author of Clingers and Stingers in the Dance of Love. 

“Clara brings both a rational mind and a poet’s heart to her work.  She not only helped me edit an article for publication, she helped clarify and structure my thinking in an elegant way.  She is an editor’s dream come true!” — Daniel Greenberg, CEO of Earth Deeds.

“Clara helped me make my case to the admissions committee at Colorado State University and coached me from taking my bare bones outline of a personal statement into a polished essay. With her help I got accepted to the Master of Science in Health Physics Program at Colorado State University. Thanks again, I couldn’t have done it without you!” – Brian Perri.


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